Baltic partner with UKI to deliver Social Media Security Professional in the United Kingdom

BTSBaltic Training Services are delighted to announce that their highly successful training provision has now been accepted into the Ultimate Knowledge Institute’s Authorised Training Partner (ATP) programme. As a distinguished Academic Partner of UKI, Baltic Training Services have been recognised as the official training provider of the IT industry’s most comprehensive and only recognised Social Media Security Certification programme in the United Kingdom.

UKI’s Social Media Security training curricula and exams are the result of tireless work in cooperation with industry leaders, military experts and researchers, as well as partnership with the industry’s certification authority, CompTIA, to develop a supreme learning and testing experience that prepares IT security professionals to defend their organisations in the exploding IT arena of social media. This certification has been launched in the United States earlier this year and Baltic Training Services have secured a partnership to deliver this across the Social Media and Digital Marketing apprenticeship in the United Kingdom. The Social Media Security Professional (SMSP) certification attests to the individual’s knowledge of social networking channels and the risks these pose to the security posture of an organisation. SMSP professionals have the skills necessary to anticipate attacks and guard sensitive information from social media hackers and, in the event of a breach, have tools to quickly respond to security incidents.

smslogo“The increasingly sophisticated social media attacks underscore the importance of comprehensive education and training in social networking security,” said Dr. Scott Wells, co-founder of UKI and chief architect of the SMSP certification. “The SMSP certification training is designed to prepare professionals to defend their organisations’ confidential information, intellectual property and reputation from potentially devastating social media security breaches and we are very excited to partner with Baltic Training Services to offer this training to professionals in the United Kingdom and across Europe.”

Baltic Training Services recently responded to an identified gap in the industry by launching a Social Media and Digital Marketing apprenticeship to compliment their existing apprenticeship offering. Social Media and Digital Marketing apprentices will help to grow businesses, build customer bases and develop organisations’ online offers, from their websites to social network marketing.

With over 100,000 tweets sent, 2 million queries searched on Google, 48 hours of video uploaded on to YouTube, and 687,478 pieces of content shared on Facebook every minute, this phenomenal growth in social media must be harnessed for the benefit of all shapes and sizes of business. Social media possesses the power to raise the organisational profile, such as brands and services, as well as increasing website traffic, developing targeted marketing activities, seeking consumer perceptions, improving knowledge and understanding of target markets and, most importantly, increasing new business opportunities.

main image2Apprentices will gain knowledge and experience in web design and development, search engine optimisation, marketing via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and will develop essential and enhanced skills, techniques, knowledge and understanding, including employability and professionalism. Baltic Training Services add value to the apprenticeship offering with the inclusion of additional highly sought after optional industry certifications, such as CompTIA Mobile App Security+, Microsoft Technology Associate and Microsoft Office Specialist.

In addition to an enjoyable and exciting opportunity to work within the social media and digital marketing industry, apprentices will attend well-structured and stimulating training workshops, and will be assessed at their workplace to meet individual learning needs and the requirements of your organisation and valued clients.

Apprentices and employers will receive continued support, enabling apprentices to experience an effective learning journey, achieve their qualifications to a high standard and commence long term, sustainable careers within social media and digital marketing.

Further to the Social Media and Digital Marketing apprenticeship, we also offer apprenticeship learning programmes in IT, Business and Health and Social Care. For more information about the extensive apprenticeship learning programmes offered by Baltic Training Services, please visit, and