“New media is as natural as breathing” for technology-savvy apprentices

Apprentices can bring energy, enthusiasm and a wealth of untapped skills to businesses. Steve Martin, Managing Director of Smart Financial Planning, Altrincham, shares his experience:

The best thing about apprentices is the young people themselves. They have fantastic ideas, and new media is as natural as breathing for them. There are so many people in the industry who you would not want to hire: old-style and product-driven. With an apprentice, you can impress your own values on them and there is no need to undo old traits.

There is a risk in recruiting young people and if you pay £2.50 and hour you may not attract the best. Also, you need to think how they will fit in down the line. We have three-year progression plans with pay increases for academic achievement. That gives the young person an aim to work for and encourages them not to just gain the experience and then jump ship.’