What is expected of a civil service apprentice?

The government recently launched a two year civil service apprenticeship scheme for school leavers aged 18-21. In a recent article for the Guardian, government and public sector experts share their views on how the successful candidates can make the most of apprenticeships. Here’s what they had to say:

  1. Professionalism is key, says Colin Cram, a public sector consultant and former director of the North West Centre of Excellence. He highlights the importance of apprentices being punctual, smart, and working beyond the hours of 9-5 to get noticed.
  2. Apprentices should make the most of opportunities available to them.  Leatham Green, policy board member for talent at the Public Sector People Manager’s Association says: “A strong message for the apprentices is that learning never stops.”
  3. Apprentices can improve essential skills. Zoe Gruhn, director of leadership development at the Institute for Government, says apprentices should be “able to communicate a vision, capable of making decisions under pressure and understand the importance of ethical behaviour.” They should also demonstrate exceptional literacy and numeracy, organisational and management skills. Former civil servant and public sector blogger, Antony Carpen, adds that digital skills will be a “core component, including social media and the impact of a changing culture.”
  4. Apprentices should find their talent. Gruhn encourages candidates to develop a specialism early in their position, in an area that they excel at.