New “revolutionary” legal services apprenticeship launched

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) has joined forces with Manchester Metropolitan University Law School to offer school leavers an apprenticeship in legal services, it has been reported.

The scheme will be funded out of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce’s GBP8.5m Employer Ownership of Skills pot and each candidate will receive around GBP5,000. Firms will receive full funding to train those under the age of 19 and will pay half of the training costs for those over 19.

Over a dozen regional firms have signed up, including Hill Dickinson and Pannone. Apprenticeships will last for 18 months and lead to technical and competence qualifications from CILEx.

Micáel Barden, the law school’s head, said: “This is quite revolutionary because within months of beginning their training, these young professionals will be fee-earning for their firms.”

Emma Holt, managing partner at Pannone, said: “The reality of the modern legal world is that, while there will always be highly skilled solicitors and partners within legal practice, law firms are employing more paralegals and this is an opportunity for students who might not otherwise consider the law as an option.”