4 business benefits of apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are not just popular in big corporate companies. Small businesses shouldn’t miss out on the benefits from employing apprentices.  In a recent article for smallbusiness.co.uk, head of Europe for Alibaba.com, James Hardy, shares his view:

  1. Apprentices make the workforce more committed. They tend to be of school leaving age and are eager to work their way up within the company.
  2. You can harness skills. Often companies find it hard to find people with particular skills. If you hire an apprentice you can invest in their training, meaning when older, knowledgeable staff retire, the apprentice will have the knowledge to replace them.
  3. Gain a new outlook.  Perhaps your business is stuck in a rut and lacks new ideas. Apprentices can bring lots of enthusiasm with them.
  4. Improve the bottom line. Don’t be put off by cost – it’s cheaper than you think. Apprentices get a reduced wage and you may be eligible for government funding.

For more information visit www.apprenticeships.org.uk