Britain should follow Germany’s example for apprenticeship success, says Lord Adonis

In a recent post for the Guardian, Lord Adonis argues that the reason behind the high figure of youth unemployment in the UK (15%) is not down to age, but to lack of skill. A recent report from the OECD found that 19% of 25-34-year olds in the UK who left school at 16 are now unemployed. For university graduates this figure is just 4.7%.

Adonis puts Germany’s low level of youth unemployment (7.5%) down to its successful apprenticeship system and he thinks that Britain should follow its example.  Young people are still choosing university over apprenticeships; 1 in 3 school leavers compared to 1 in 10. Adonis calls for a total re-haul of the apprenticeship system, putting forward three key reforms:

  1. Apprenticeships for the public and private sectors which are funded by the state.
  2. High quality apprenticeships, bringing in examinations and practical tests.
  3. Further information on apprenticeships.

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