Young apprentice calls for “alternative routes to success”

University is not the only option!

University is not the only option!

As reported on the Guardian, 19-year-old Greg Thompson thinks that apprenticeships should be promoted to school pupils. He himself didn’t want to go to university, put off by the idea of large debts and the struggle to find a job afterwards. His school was unhelpful when it came to deciding on an alternative route to university.

He said: “I don’t anywhere see there being alternative routes to success. We had a job fair at college once and all the stands were universities.”

His school did work with the charity Career Academics UK, however, and Greg signed up for the course. He learnt public speaking skills, how to use social networks to find jobs and completed a paid internship. This then led to him securing an apprenticeship at the Financial Skills Partnership, and he was recently hired in a permanent role.

Greg continues: “I feel in every school and college, university is pushed and that is the only thing that is pushed and I feel they are kind of letting students down. You should always have other opportunities. You should never just say you are going to university because that is what some of your friends are doing.”