Ford partners with University of Greenwich to provide Higher Apprenticeships

Apprentices will gain a BA in Engineering

Apprentices will gain a BEng in Engineering

According to a press release, training provider Skillnet and Ford have partnered with the University of Greenwich to hire fifteen higher apprentices on to the Ford Higher Apprenticeship Programme.

The apprenticeship will mix practical work experience with theoretical training, leading towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering.

Ford of Britain Apprenticeship Manager, Tessa Hougham, said: “What is unique about Higher Apprenticeships is the blended approach to learning and working, which enables the direct application and reinforcement of new skills. Every participant will develop and grow their deep technical knowledge and obtain a degree whilst also performing work-based assignments that add value to our business.”

Skillnet CEO Lee Acton, added: “The programme will facilitate stronger sector and occupational partnerships to drive developments, therefore creating a wider range of training opportunities. We’re confident that the programme will support Ford’s business growth as it will respond to higher-level skill needs. In additional to this, it will also meet school leavers’ careers aspirations without creating student debt.”