MP asks BBC for ‘real’ apprentice programme

Asking the BBC for a 'real' apprentice programme

Asking the BBC for a ‘real’ apprentice programme

Charity Digital News reported recently that Business Secretary Vince Cable thought BBC’s The Apprentice was misleading and didn’t reflect the apprenticeship scheme. Following on from this, government apprenticeship ambassador Gordon Birtwistle has written to the BBC calling for a documentary about ‘real apprentices’.

Mr Birtwistle said: “The Real Apprentice would be based in a real industry with a real job to show for it afterwards, not a lot of self-promoting junk you see from the people on the current show. It’s not real life. It’s good entertainment but it’s not really the real world. Real apprentices work hard for three years to get real jobs.

 I’ve met hundreds of people working in aerospace, motoring, retail and banking who are studying hard to boost the economy and benefit the country. I’m still awaiting a response from Lord Hall but if I do get the go-ahead I’ll be looking for local people who have great success stories to tell.”