Traineeships – what are they?

Preparing young people for employment

Preparing young people for the world of work

Traineeships are a new government scheme where young people will be taught skills to prepare them for full time employment or an apprenticeship. They will gain experience which employers are looking for, making them more employable and ready for the workplace.

  1. Who are they for? Traineeships are for young people aged 16-19. People with Learning Difficulty Assessments will be able to undertake traineeships up until the age of 25. They are designed for people who are lacking the experience to get an apprenticeship or job.
  2. When will they be introduced? Traineeships will come into practice from August 2013 for 16-19 year olds.
  3. What will a traineeship entail? Traineeships will last for six months at the most. The trainee will have a work placement, work preparation training, alongside studying English and Maths. The programmes are employer led, as they work with a provider to deliver high quality work placements.

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