Nick Clegg launches new campaign to get more young people on to career ladder

Nick Clegg is targeting the "waste of talent"

Nick Clegg is targeting the “waste of talent”

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has launched a major new campaign, Opening Doors, to help young people from all backgrounds into work. The campaign follows research from YouGov which suggested that young people in lower social grades are less successful than those in higher social grades.

Already the campaign has had a positive effect on the way companies recruit young people. In a survey of 150 companies, 93% believed that fair and open recruitment will bring in wider talent.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said: “We have a big problem in this country. Every year employers are closing their doors to talented young people. This is a terrible waste of talent and potential that could be otherwise boosting our economy and driving growth in our businesses. In good times this would be tragic. In tough economic times, it is unforgivable. Today I’m on a mission to ask companies, large and small, to open their doors to the incredible talent out there and sign up to our campaign.”