“My apprenticeship kick-started my career” says accountancy apprentice

"There's more than one pathway to a career"

“There’s more than one pathway to a career”

Nick Savage is a 19 year old Internal Audit Assistant at RSM Tenon in Basingstoke. He decided to pursue a career in accountancy whilst he was still at school. He enrolled in a short course, AAT Access, delivered by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT). The course is a Level One qualification, giving the learner skills in basic accountancy and finance.

Here is Nick’s testimonial:

“I decided to study the AAT Access qualification after attending the Kaplan summer school to try and gain a scholarship. I saw it as a good starting point and would show that I was keen to pursue a career in accounting.

“The course was the perfect introduction to accountancy, it made me realise that my interest in this area was worth pursuing long term and so I decided that after school, I would set out to find a job rather than go to university. 

“Around the time of my A Levels, I won a Kaplan scholarship and a place on RSM Tenon’s apprenticeship programme. With AAT Access behind me, I was able to start my AAT studies and start gaining work experience at just 16 years old.

 “I’m now 19, half way through the AAT Accounting Qualification at Level 3 and am really enjoying my studies. Everything I learn in the classroom makes complete sense to me as I see it applied every day in the office. I’m always learning from the people around me and my clients. I’m currently on track to become a fully qualified accounting technician with three years work experience behind me by the time I am 21.

“There’s more than one pathway into a career. For me, AAT was appealing as it is open to anyone and you don’t need any previous experience or knowledge. It gave me the confidence to pursue a job with a big, national company and I’ve never looked back.”