Hiring apprentices: a guide for small businesses

Employing apprentices?

Employing apprentices?

In a recent article for smallbusiness.co.uk, Wax Noor, senior solicitor at legal firm www.brilliantlaw.com, answers some questions which employers might have surrounding apprenticeships.

Do you have to pay an apprentice?

Yes. The national minimum wage for apprentices aged 19 or under in the first year of training is GBP2.65 per hour.

Does an apprenticeship have to lead to a full time job?

Not necessarily. There is no legal requirement to enrol your qualified apprentice in a permanent role after they have finished training, although many employers do tend to keep them on.

Is there a set time period for apprenticeships?

Yes, apprenticeships last for a fixed period of time, as outlined in the contract. They can last between one and four years.

How many apprentices can I employ?

As many as you like.

What holiday benefits do apprenticeships have?

The same as any other employee.