CIPD report highlights importance of recognising young talent

The report revealed that 14% of employers wouldn't hire school leavers

The report revealed that 14% of employers wouldn’t hire school leavers

A recent report from CIPD has highlighted the difficulties job seekers face in the current market, with 45 applicants applying for every low-skilled job. People who lack experience, skills and qualifications are likely to miss out of job opportunities when facing skilled competition.

The report revealed that 14% of employers wouldn’t consider hiring school leavers, and 11% would not hire people who have been unemployed for a long time. Apprenticeships could hold the answer to these troubling figures; employers can create their own schemes to suit their specific business needs and train up young people on the job.

CIPD Labour Market Adviser, Gerwyn Davies, said: “Our recent report exploring employers’ recruitment practices highlights the importance of employers ensuring that they don’t inadvertently screen out candidates of different ages or backgrounds for the wrong reasons, for example, by requiring degrees for roles where they are not needed.   Such an approach would marginalise young people most and add to the pool of wasted young talent”.