5 apprenticeship myths – busted!

Sorting the fact from the fiction!

Sorting the fact from the fiction!

There is a big question mark surrounding apprenticeships. Perhaps because they are yet to be seen as the norm, apprenticeship details remain somewhat hazy. Employers are at times, hesitant to hire apprentices because of common myths surrounding the vocational pathway. Below are a few misconceptions, corrected:


  • MYTH 1: “Apprentices will learn the work, then leave the organisation.”

FALSE! 83% of employers depend on apprentices to provide the skills needed for the future. Additionally, investing in apprentices has proven to increase staff loyalty; 80% said apprenticeships lowered staff turnover.

  • MYTH 2: “Current employees can’t be apprentices.”

FALSE! You can invest in your current employees and put them on apprenticeship training schemes to learn new skills and grow the talent pool of your business.

  • MYTH 3: “The process of recruiting an apprentice is too complicated.”

FALSE! Training providers are committed to helping match apprentices to your business needs, making the process as pain free as possible. Make contact with the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) who will give you options of training providers, frameworks and potential candidates.

  • MYTH 4: “ Hiring and training an apprentice is expensive.”

FALSE! Hiring an apprentice is an investment. The currentNational Minimum Wage for an apprentice is GBP2.65 per hour, rising to GBP2.68 from October 2013.Their training is funded, or part-funded by the government. Check the NAS website for details.

  • MYTH 5: “Apprentices lack commitment.”

FALSE! Apprentice employers report back on the high levels of motivation among their young apprentices. They are prepared to work hard to boost their career within your organisation.