Arch selects apprentice of the month


Jake Knowles, web development apprentice

Jake Knowles, web development apprentice

Arch encourages employers to demonstrate the high standard of work delivered by Arch apprenticeships by entering them into the apprentice of the month competition. The apprentice will feature on Arch’s newsletter, gaining recognition from other companies. To enter your own apprentice, follow this link to fill in a short application form.

This month, Arch has chosen web development apprentice, Jake Knowles. Congratulations, Jake! He was quizzed on a few questions:

1. Why did you choose to work with Arch?

When I first came across Arch I saw it as a chance to develop my passion and my existing skills in order to become a fully qualified Web Developer with abundance of hands on experience.

2. Who is you manager?

My manager is Louis Warner.

3. What is it like working in your company? 

Working for Contentive is a great thing, the employees are relaxed and friendly but with high expectations of good quality work which is expected to be delivered on time.

4.   What do you like best about your company?

The best part of working for Contentive is that I get to work alongside industry experts who I am learning invaluable things from, they are always teaching me new skills such as scripting languages etc.

5. What is your favourite piece of work?

My favourite piece of work so far while working at Contentive has to be on

6.   What is your 5 year plan?

In five years I would like to have gained and learned enough to become a fully qualified Web Developer in order to create high quality websites for a variety of customers.

7.  What is your dream job?

My dream job would be something within the music industry.