CIPD report highlights factors of youth unemployment

The report highlights how expectations of employer and candidates are very different

The report highlights how expectations of employer and candidate are very different

A new report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD),Employers are from Mars, young people are from Venus: Addressing the young people/jobs mismatch, has recognised a number of factors responsible for the high levels of youth unemployment in the UK. Research was gathered from employers, young people, training providers, and Jobcentre Plus advisers. The report highlighted how the overall expectations of the employer and young person are very different.

It was found that employers want experienced candidates, even for jobs at entry level. This becomes a no-win situation, as young people need to get a job to gain experience, and yet must have experience to gain a job. This is where apprenticeships and traineeships could be the answer as they prepare young people for the world of work.

The report also revealed that not many employers adapt their interviews to suit young people who have perhaps not been employed before, leading to disappointment at both ends. If hiring apprentices, it might be worth bearing in mind that it may well be their first interview and so it might be more beneficial to gear the questions towards personal achievements.

Chief Executive at the CIPD, Peter Cheese,says: “When it comes to recruitment it can feel as though young people and employers are on completely different planets. Too many young people are struggling to find their first job, whereas many employers are finding it difficult to get the skills they need. This mismatch needs to be addressed, not only to reduce youth unemployment and the long-term impact it can have on young people, but also to ensure UK businesses are equipped with the right talent for the future.”