Traineeship providers kept waiting for government plans

The Department for Education has delayed the launch of traineeships

The Department for Education has delayed the launch of its new traineeships scheme

Traineeship providers were expecting Skills Minister Matthew Hancock to launch the government’s plans for traineeships at an event organised by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills in Manchester on Wednesday, 24th April, but the minister was called to a meeting at No 10 at the last minute. A spokesperson at the Department for Education has said that the launch will take place “shortly”.

The traineeships are due to start next academic year and were proposed by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg with the aim of helping the youth gain work-related skill.

According to Shadow Skills Minister Gordon Marsden: “It is deeply concerning that the government still hasn’t launched the final proposals for its traineeships programme, not least given it is now 11 months since Nick Clegg first announced the policy,” adding that “FE colleges and training providers need urgent clarity if they are expected to deliver this new provision come September.”

The Office for National Statistics released figured showing that 979,000 16 to 24-year-olds were out of work between December and February – this is a 20,000 increase on the three months from September to November.