Businesses encouraged to offer more career support to young people

Ann Pickering offers advice to employers of apprentices

Ann Pickering offers advice to employers of apprentices

The recent rise in the number of unemployed young people in the UK, coupled with the Education Select Committee’s recent report on careers guidance in schools, has led experts to argue there are many moves businesses and employers can make to improve the recruitment process for young people.

Ann Pickering, HR director at Telefonica UK, writing for HR Magazine, offers employers 3 ways of helping apprentices through the careers process:

 1)      Provide careers support – Many young people often fail to meet the criteria for entry-level positions in many companies due to lacking practical work experience. By offering work experience within your company, young people are supported and can gain a true understanding as to what it’s like to work in business. As well as this, it has been suggested that providing advice on how to dress and behave in an interview is invaluable advice for young inexperienced people facing their first job interview.

2)      Engage with young people – Speaking to classes of students about to graduate from school and explaining the recruitment process will be a worthwhile experience for both businesses and the students themselves. By taking the initiative to meet students themselves, companies will develop more of an understanding as to how to tailor their careers process to ensure students are comfortable throughout.

3)      Help young people realise their potential – Implementing apprenticeship schemes within businesses enables professionals to support and enhance the skills of young people, many of whom hold the highly developed digital media skills necessary to benefit many companies looking to modernise.

In order to encourage young people into the workplace and enhance their skills, it is of paramount importance that businesses make an increased effort to support the next generation of workers, and help them realise and develop their talents.