Apprenticeships key to tackling skills shortages, claims report

learn direct

Nurturing Talent: building the workforce of the future’ highlights the importance of apprenticeships

A new report produced in partnership by learndirect and Cranfield School of Management claims that apprenticeships are crucial to both building a sustainable workforce and boosting employment levels.

The report, ‘Nurturing Talent: building the workforce of the future’, highlights the growing problems skills shortages, particularly amongst young people, and identifies apprenticeships as key to tackling these issues. Of the firms surveyed who already employed apprentices, 32% said that the training schemes helped to address the shortage of skills effectively.

Deborah Rosado, director of proposals and stakeholder management at learndirect, said:

 “Like the Government, employers recognise when done well, apprenticeships can equip firms with the skills they desperately need. However, if apprenticeships are to help businesses meet the changing needs of the UK economy, which was an important element of the Richard Review, young people should have the basic skills needed for work.”

The survey also revealed that white collar professions such as the financial sector are increasingly turning to apprenticeship schemes. Emma Parry, reader in human resource management at Cranfield and the report’s author highlighted the value of apprenticeships to such companies:

“Apprenticeships are not just about helping employers to access the skills they need to be successful, although they can certainly do this. The evidence suggests the use of apprenticeships can also lead to improved employee morale, commitment and retention, lower recruitment costs and can also allow an organisation to develop a reputation as a good employer.”

Click here to download the full report from learndirect.