NYFA selects young film maker as apprentice

It's a "great opportunity to break into the industry."

It’s a “great opportunity to break into the industry.”

An 18-year-old from Blyth has beaten twenty potential apprentices to a prestigious place on the National Youth Film Academy’s (NYFA) 2013 apprenticeship scheme. An aspiring film maker, Michael will spend twelve months learning about the industry, developing his skills, servicing clients and ensuring films are financed.

Michael said: “I thought it would be a great opportunity to get into the industry and see what it was really like before trying to get a job. I was so surprised to get picked, but now I want to just gain as much experience as I can, so I can get a better understanding of film making.”

Artistic director, Rob Earnshaw, said: “With the rise in university fees and increase in youth unemployment apprenticeships are the real alternative for aspiring young film makers to enter an already competitive market. We are incredibly proud to have Michael on our program.”