North Lincolnshire Council takes on sixteen new apprentices

Has employed 16 new apprentices

Has employed 16 new apprentices

North Lincolnshire Council has employed sixteen new apprentices, increasing its total number of apprentices to 56 since April 2012.

The apprentices began work on April 2nd. Among these was Harry Scott, who will work in the council’s procurement department. He said: “I am excited.  It is a nice opportunity and it was good to know that somebody was offering something. I am hoping to get a lot of experience out of it and be working in an office environment.”

The apprentices will be employed across different departments, including environmental health, sport, customer service, benefits, finance and local taxation and play and community development.

Council leader Liz Redfern said: “It is good to see another group of eager young apprentices. I really hope they take this opportunity as a first step in their career progression.”