Greater Manchester Police takes on apprentices


Now employing apprentices

Now employing apprentices

The Greater Manchester Police has been flooded with applications to their new apprenticeship scheme, with over 540 people applying for 22 apprenticeships.

The force is targeting people from ‘hard to reach’ communities. Next year it plans to take on 50 more apprentices as Operational Support Officers. They will be tasked with handling paperwork, which will enable police officers to stay out on the beat.

The apprentices will receive an annual income GBP10,500 which will rise to GBP12,900 after the first six months. Upon completion of their apprenticeships, apprentices can apply for a full time position with the police force as an officer or civilian worker.

Assistant Chief Officer Lynne Potts said: “The concept of apprenticeships is well established in technical trades but the modern apprenticeship is also fast emerging across a variety of business sectors. As a police force we saw the benefits of adopting an apprenticeship programme both for the force and the people of Greater Manchester. 

“We took the decision to work with the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) to offer young people the opportunity to develop their skills in an exciting, fast-moving work environment. This scheme is all about giving young people valuable experience that will help them to develop their skills, establish a career in GMP and become more employable in the wider workplace generally. The NAS has commended our scheme as high profile, ambitious and positively impacting the communities of Greater Manchester in relation to youth employment.”