What can HR do to change the reputation of apprenticeships?

HR professionals could lead the way for apprenticeships

HR professionals could lead the way for apprenticeships

Young people are often advised to go to university and are unaware of other options available to them, such as apprenticeships. HR professionals can help to raise awareness of other future pathways by giving career talks in schools.

The reason behind the lack of promotion of apprenticeships could be that they are traditionally associated with manual work, such as construction, and many schools aim to promote white-collar professions. Actually, there are over 240 apprenticeship frameworks in the UK, across a range of sectors, including professional occupations such as HR and Law.

HR leaders can make a difference by helping CEOs and line mangers to understand that the education system may not deliver readily trained employees, but they can take the matters into their own hands by widening their recruitment pool.

HR directors should set an example for other employers; the CIPD recently joined with Skills CFA to create the Human Resource Management Higher Apprenticeship. Twenty further education providers have already agreed to deliver the programme. If HR leaders can demonstrate the effectiveness of apprenticeships, perhaps it could spread across other sectors.