Survey shows apprenticeship popularity with medium sized businesses

Results from survey are revealed

Results from survey are revealed

A recent survey, BDRC’s Continental Apprenticeship Survey, has shown that 15% of UK businesses have an apprenticeship scheme, with 60% of those employing the apprentice full time after completion of their apprenticeship.

Results found that medium sized businesses, that is, businesses with between 51 and 250 staff, are most likely to hire apprentices. 70% of these continue their apprentice’s employment after the training period.

Just under half of those surveyed were aware of the National Apprenticeship Service, most of which are medium sized businesses. 49% agreed that the government grant encouraged firms to employ apprentices.

Shiona Davies, BDRC’s Continental Director, says: “The message from our survey is that there is a strong foundation of support for apprenticeships, which could be harnessed by doing more to raise awareness of the UK Government’s support for them through the National Apprenticeship Service, and also raising awareness of incentives available for hiring young apprentices.”