Apprentice employers should “think outside the box,” says CIPD

CIPD calls for employers to think outside the box

CIPD calls for employers to think outside the box

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has welcomed the fact that more employers are beginning to get involved in the apprenticeship system. Now it is calling for employers to think beyond blue collar jobs when creating their apprenticeships.

Research from CIPD’s Learning to Work programme has shown that one of the largest obstacles to be identified for employers hiring apprentices was their concerns about how apprenticeships would directly suit their company’s needs.

Katerina Rudiger, Skills Adviser at the CIPD, said: “Employers have been telling us that they wish to have greater involvement in defining apprenticeships, to ensure that they are successfully developing employees who are best equipped for the future of their organisation. The Government’s announcements address these concerns as they put a clear emphasis on employers and professional bodies owning the process of defining what a good apprenticeship looks like.

“Employers have an opportunity to take advantage of these proposals and think ‘outside the box’ about where apprentices might fit within their business. Traditionally apprenticeships have been common in professions such as engineering and construction but Higher Apprenticeships now provide routes into areas such as marketing, business administration and HR, which would normally require a university degree or academic qualification. Employers should seek to engage with apprenticeships across a wide-range of business functions; this will not only increase the number of high-quality opportunities for young people, but will also help employers to grow their own workforce and recruit from a more diverse talent pool.”