AAT apprentice discusses benefits of vocational qualifications

AAT apprentice aims high

AAT apprentice aims high

To celebrate the beginning of National Apprenticeship Week, a senior accountant who eschewed university for an apprenticeship course at the beginning of her career has shared with AAT Comment the positive results that have come with her decision.

Jeanne Marke-Collier, now a senior accountant for Greenwich Council, argues that hard work, dedication and enthusiasm are the key traits to have when working in any first job.

Jeanne discusses many of the benefits that come with working in an apprenticeship with an accounting body such as AAT, such as being able to ‘earn money while learning to do a job [she] enjoyed’, as well as gaining on-the-job guidance.

Though she admits her friends have more free time for social activities, Jeanne believes that the apprenticeship route she has taken will allow her to secure a management position long before her friends, many of whom will graduate from university with thousands of pounds of debt and a struggle to land an entry-level position.