Four simple steps of apprentice recruitment

Making the hiring process easy

Simplifying the recruitment process 

Follow these simple steps on how to bring an apprentice into your business.

  1. Write a job description. Ensure that it is clear, concise and truthful. Remember you are targeting young people who may be lacking in specific skills or experience and so the job description should reflect this.
  2. Qualification requirements.  Outline how many days a week they will work and how many they will train. Set out the length of the apprenticeship and how they will be assessed.
  3. Advertise. Your post will go up on the National Apprenticeship Service website. The site is a popular port of call for young people looking for apprenticeships. Applications are taken on the site and forwarded to the employer.
  4. Select your apprentice. The hiring process should be in line with your own company’s requirements. Decide how long you want to advertise for and preferred interview process.