Croydon South sees apprenticeship growth

MP Richard Ottaway says the growth is "fantastic news"

MP Richard Ottaway says the growth is “fantastic news”

Figures recently published by the Data Service have revealed that the number of apprentices employed in Croydon South has risen from 340 to 670 in the space of a year. In addition, it was recorded that between the months of August and October 2012, around 170 new apprentices were taken on by businesses in the area.

MP for Croydon South, Richard Ottaway, said: “This is fantastic news for the people of Croydon South. Despite the economic crisis raging in the background, our Government has invested heavily in ensuring that there are opportunities for people who are determined to improve their skills and get working.”

He adds: “Apprenticeships are great for our country and most of all for the people whose lives are being transformed by the opportunities they offer.”