Apprenticeship popularity on the rise, new data reveals


Way: "Employers recognise the benefits apprentices bring"

Way: “Employers recognise the benefits apprentices bring”

Data recorded in the Further Education and Skills report, published on 31st January, demonstrates how apprenticeships in the UK are gaining momentum. David Way, CEO of the National Apprenticeship Service, reflects on the outcome.

“I am pleased that new data confirms that Apprenticeships overall are increasingly popular and more people and employers recognise the benefits they bring, particularly at advanced and Higher levels.

“Our immediate and continuing focus is on growing Apprenticeships at 16-18, supported by the Apprenticeship Grant for employers to recruit a young apprentice, which is proving increasingly popular with small employers, and we are putting in place additional measures including a marketing campaign targeted at employers and young people.

“In 2010-11 we achieved record success rates. This year success rates have fallen slightly as we have made important changes to improve quality and remove short duration Apprenticeships which typically had high retention rates, but did not meet the requirements of a high quality Apprenticeship. As a result some frameworks and sectors, especially retail and IT, with large volumes of Apprenticeships have had to make significant adjustments.

“Apprenticeships have much to offer and by working closely with the sector and employers, we have come a long way in raising quality standards. There is much to do still and we remain committed to further improving quality as this is crucial to securing success and growth in the longer term.”