Testimonial: From Jobseeker’s Allowance to apprentice

Settling in well

Settling in well

An Arch apprentice shares his experience:

“Going from being on Job Seekers Allowance to being back in work as an apprentice is a big adjustment. I spent 4 months on JSA, and had very little response from potential employers when I applied for positions, so when I was offered the apprenticeship with arch it was a big relief. Thanks to Arch I can now learn valuable skills that will help me find jobs in the future. I also earn more money than I would on JSA too.

There are a lot of things to get your head around when you go from being on the JSA to having an apprenticeship, as I live outside of London I haven’t really commuted far to work before, getting around London can be a bit confusing at first with all the different trains. It was hard to begin with but I’m getting more used to it now.

I’m currently in my third week of the induction process and I think I’m settling in quite well, considering the enormous amount of new information to take on board. When I was on JSA it didn’t really feel like I was moving anywhere in life and trying to start a career is very difficult when you have nothing to start with. Now with Arch I can learn all of the business standards which will set me up for future jobs and a bright career path.”