Labour councils across UK support apprenticeships

Training the next generation

Training the next generation

Youth unemployment remains a topical issue, with around 40% of under 25s without a job. According to The Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (Acevo) this is costing the economy around GBP6.3bn a year.

Labour councils across the country are doing their bit to get young people onto the career ladder. Bradford Council is introducing ‘industrial centres of excellence,’ small schools which teach 14-19 years olds enterprise skills, work experience and qualifications. Manchester Council is using a scheme called ‘apprentice ambassadors’ which matches students with apprenticeships before they complete their schooling.

Birmingham, Glasgow and Wales are revamping their future jobs fund which provides paid placements to prepare young people for employment. Newham has Workplace, a system which gets 5,000 locals into jobs every year. Other councils such as Sheffield, Leeds and Liverpool have apprenticeship agencies which employ young people with SMEs. Sandwell Council is promising 3 months work experience to those aged between 16-24 to boost their skills.

The Labour party feels that current government programmes are failing. They report that the Work Programme helped less than 6,000 young people into employment. It calls for government action; further support to create more apprenticeship schemes across the UK.