Technical Matters report calls for 3 year apprenticeships

Releasing the Technical Matters report

The Technical Matters report

A recent report from the Policy Exchange, Technical Matters, has called for a reform of vocational training. It argues that apprenticeships should last a minimum of three years and should be equal to A-levels. It also states that short term apprenticeships should be renamed so as to maintain the high value of professional apprenticeship schemes. The report also highlights that vocational education should be available to younger pupils, at the age of 14.

The report highlights how many young people are encouraged to take A-levels who may be better suited to an apprenticeship. Authors of the report refer to the 2011 Wolf review and Doug Richard’s 2012 review which both claimed that apprenticeships should have more value. It urges the government “to send clear signals to employers and potential trainees about the value and nature of apprenticeship.”

Lead author Dr Owen Corrigan said: “An alternative technical route through the education system could benefit the many students whose needs are not currently being met, as well as employers who complain about skills shortages, especially in science and technology areas.”