Redditch Borough Council aims to provide 50 apprenticeships in 50 days

Council launches apprentice challenge

Council launches apprentice challenge

On January 30th 2013, The Redditch Apprentice Challenge, led by Redditch Borough Council is being launched, with the aim to raise awareness of apprenticeships among local businesses to create 50 new positions in 50 days. The scheme also intends to highlight the cash incentives and financial options available to businesses and employers who are perhaps unsure of the process. Several high profile companies in the area have already demonstrated an interest in the challenge.

Council leader Bill Hartnett says: “Being an apprentice myself and seeing the erosion of apprenticeships over the years and the amount of youth unemployment we have in the borough, this is something I feel the council should be taking a lead on and putting this challenge to the wider business community in the town. It gives us a chance to focus on apprenticeships and see if it can be a win-win situation for both the individual and the company.”

He adds: “The early indications are businesses will be prepared to come forward and this is not just an opportunity for the big companies but for the small and medium sized employers as well.”

Employers looking to find out more about the challenge prior on the launch, contact the North Worcestershire economic development unit by emailing