PwC launches management consultancy apprenticeships


Launch management consultant apprenticeships

A new apprenticeship framework into management consultancy was announced in September by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The scheme has already launched, and apprentices are already integrated into the workforce.

The scheme is qualification orientated and provides a much clearer structure compared to the previous school leaver programme. Sara Caplan, PwC director, initially made the decision to involve other firms in the sector, contacting The Big Four, mid-tier accountancy firms and SMEs. On achievement of funding, the firms set out clear guidelines on what skills the apprentices should have.

Caplan says: “The driving force is that we all have a common skills need, and we all want to constantly diversify our workforce and get new routes into the sector. We’ve moved a long way from when we recruited graduates from just one or two universities, now we wanted to take it a step a further and be able to recruit from schools.

She adds: “From that we wrote the qualifications from scratch on a piece of paper, which is a completely different approach to developing qualifications. We did it bottom up, with both the big firms and the small firms there, so that it’s fit for purpose and for everybody. For small firms this is a win-win because they haven’t had access to the same talent pool, they haven’t had the resources to do the milk round.”