Traineeships programme to prepare young people for employment


Making young employees an attractive option

A new Traineeships programme has been announced by Skills Minister Matthew Hancock which aims to prepare young people for apprenticeships and full time employment by teaching them specific skills. This initiative is part of the Government’s plan to ensure that employers can maintain a skilled workforce of apprentices and employees.

Employers, training providers and young people have been invited to share their thoughts on the programme which should be in place by September 2013. The traineeship, expected to last around six months, will include basic skills training in core subjects such as Maths and English, work experience and employment preparation, such as CV writing.

In 2012, the CBI annual education and skills survey revealed that 61% of employers thought school leavers lacked self-management skills. In addition, around 30% found that their literacy and numeracy skills were not up to scratch. The new programme intends to target these issues and increase employability among young people, making them attractive to employers.

Hancock says: “We want to support everyone in our country to reach their personal best. To do that, we are introducing Traineeships to help young people with the skills they need to get a job, and hold down a job. That’s vital for our economy to compete in the global race. And it’s a question of fairness. Traineeships will give young people the helping hand and experience they need to compete for Apprenticeships and good jobs.”