Apprenticeships are a highly effective recruitment tool, says EAL.


Ann Watson at EAL speaks about apprenticeship benefits

Recent figures from the National Apprenticeship Services (NAS) have shown an increase in demand for apprenticeships. Last year 1.13 million people applied for apprenticeships through the online database. The End of Cycle report, taken by UCAS, also showed a drop in 6.6% with regards to demand of higher education.

Managing director of EAL, Ann Watson, commented: “Demand for higher education weakened last year, when higher tuition fees were rolled out, while Apprenticeships went from strength to strength. While work still needs to be done, the public perception of Apprenticeships is slowly shifting, aligning the vocational pathway with higher education as a valuable pathway into a fulfilling, highly skilled career.”

“As an awarding organisation, EAL works with our sector employers to ensure Apprenticeships meet skills needs and are worthwhile for both learners and the businesses themselves. Apprenticeships are a highly effective recruitment tool, ensuring new employees have the exact skills and knowledge required for the job. We are working to promote the vocational pathway’s benefits to employers, learners, schools and parents. Working alongside these same groups, we must also ensure more Apprenticeship opportunities are available as their popularity increases.”