Pearson to close apprenticeship business


Pearson in Practice closing after three years

The media and education group Pearson plans to close Pearson in Practice, a UK apprenticeship business which has been running for almost three years. Their reasoning behind this decision comes from the changes made to apprenticeship funding, which has impacted the demand for courses that their business has to offer. The policy used to be that companies hiring apprentices went through providers such as Pearson in Practice to guarantee Government funding. Now, companies are required to organise the training themselves or to bid for funding.

Their courses, of around 3 months to a year in length, are geared towards specific industries. The closure will mean that around 5,000 apprentices must be given to other providers and 500 job positions will be put at risk, incurring a total loss of GBP120m.

CEO of Pearson, John Fallon, says: “We very much regret the decision to plan for closure but we believe we have explored and exhausted all alternatives.”