Apprenticeships set to gain prestige

Apprenticeships Work

Apprenticeships work!

Following Doug Richard’s report on apprenticeships, the Government has acknowledged the importance of improving the quality of apprenticeships in the UK. The report calls for a re-evaluation of the apprenticeship programme; to encompass employer led qualifications and pre-apprenticeship programmes as well as introducing funding opportunities.

Richards outlines the importance of treating each apprentice as an individual and understanding their specific needs. The focus also falls on to the employer and the significance that their involvement can have on the entire process.

The education charity, NCFE, offers over 50 full Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeships across a wide range of sectors including business, administration and law. The charity also hopes that the reputation will continue to gain prestige so as to benefit the employer, apprentice and wider economy. Richard’s sums up the review: “Apprenticeships need to be high quality training with serious kudos and tangible value both to the apprentice and the employer.”