Further education campaign gains NAS support


Skills Funding Agency

Telling the FE story

The Skills Funding Agency is attempting to encourage further education (FE) in the UK by introducing the campaign Telling the FE Story. This campaign is intended to promote a new outlook for further education; highlighting its importance in personal development, benefitting businesses and promoting economic growth.

Training young people through the means of higher education or apprenticeships helps to minimise the skills gaps, benefitting both individuals and employers alike. Nationwide support is of the utmost importance, so that more people are aware of the opportunities.

The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) is showing its support for the Telling the FE Story campaign, and invites those harbouring success stories of further education to share their experiences via Twitter using hashtag #fe4me. Everyone with links to the FE sector should get involved, although stories are most welcomed from apprentices, parents or employers.