EAL Show Support for the Richard Review



EAL support the Richard Review

EAL, a specialist awarding organisation for the engineering, manufacturing and building services has shown support for the proposal to utilise tax systems, such as National Insurance breaks, in an attempt to convince more employers to hire apprentices. It is also intended to raise awareness of the apprenticeship model among businesses who perhaps never considered the option before. The support was demonstrated after the release of the Richard Review, which called for a reform of the system and a stronger focus on high quality apprenticeships.

Managing director of EAL, Ann Watson, said: “Government support through tax incentives would send a strong signal to employers, schools, students and parents that apprenticeships are a worthwhile alternative to a degree. Vocational training is just as important as an academic education and, as the Review states, it is ‘inappropriate for it to be viewed as a lower-status alternative.”