The Richard Review Calls for Overhaul of Apprenticeship Programmes

Doug Richard

Apprenticeships must be “well regarded,” says Doug Richard

The Richard Review calls for a re-evaluation of the apprenticeship scheme in the UK. There are indications that employers have been misusing the available government funding by taking on apprentices for just a few short weeks in low grade positions. The review calls for a rise in high quality apprenticeships which last for at least a year. It should be recognised that the overriding aim of the apprenticeship scheme is to mould the apprentice into a highly skilled, valuable employee.

Another cause for consideration is the current relationship between employer and apprentice. The review calls for employers to become more involved with the programme rather than shunning responsibilities, or relying too heavily on professional bodies. Employers should take more control and outline the training programmes themselves rather than trying to adapt to the government’s framework. Doug Richard, entrepreneur and former star of Dragon’s Den, says, “It is complicated and off-putting to an employer to have to undertake paperwork gymnastics to pigeonhole their system into a redefined set of curricular approaches.”

The government will respond to the review in the New Year, and plans to “tailor a programme which is sustainable, high-quality and meets the changing needs of our economy in the decades to come.”