Apprenticeship Grant Available for Smaller Businesses


Is your business eligible?

There are a rising number of employers across a wide range of business sectors starting up apprenticeship programmes. With 80% of businesses noting an increase in productivity when they hired an apprentice, and 92% saying that apprenticeships benefitted the workforce as a whole, it is clear as to why employers are broadening their horizons when it comes to recruitment.

The introduction of the Government Apprenticeship Grant, which came into action on April 1st 2012, makes the idea of hiring an apprentice even more attractive to potential employers. Businesses with a workforce of less than 250 people, who haven’t hired an apprentice in the last three years, all qualify for the grant of £1500. The grant will be processed in two separate payments of £750, after the apprentice’s eighth week and again after completion of the scheme. If you are interested in hiring an apprentice, get in contact with a training provider such as the National Apprenticeship Service.