Government’s Secret Service Apprenticeship Programme 2013

Top Secret

The secret service and MI5 recruiting apprentices

100 A-Level graduates who are looking for an alternative to university will get the chance to become apprentices in the government’s secret service, with placements offered in the MI5, MI6 and GCHQ. Having received over 800 applicants since the opening date of 16th October 2012, the position is expected to be very competitive among young people.  Successful applicants will become part of the higher apprenticeship programme, which consists of two years in training and practical placements. The candidates will learn important skills in technology to equip them for dealing with future threats against the UK.

Apprentices will gain a foundation degree in communication systems, security and computing and a level 4 diploma in IT skills. They will earn a yearly salary of £17,066 during the training period, and are assured a good chance of full time employment at the end of the scheme depending on the economic climate.

This recruitment drive for apprentices is the government’s attempt to broaden its scope of employees. A GCHQ spokesman speaks about the benefits of the apprenticeship scheme, “The business gets to know the applicants and the areas they would excel in before deciding where they would best fit in the business.”