Accounting Apprenticeships: An Employer’s Testimonial


It’s a “win-win” situation

Nick Goddard of GBM accounts speaks out about his success after hiring a young apprentice, Amy. He notes that despite being a small firm, he wanted to give one young person the opportunity to further their career within an accounting environment. Goddard would recommend the apprenticeship scheme to any potential employer curious of its success, claiming his experience has been completely positive; a “win-win situation.”

Amy worked with GBM four out of five days a week, attending college on her day off. Goddard claims that since accounting is “progressive” it was a smooth transition from education to the workplace.

In his testimonial, Goddard vocalises his initial hesitations with hiring an apprentice. He feared it would take up too much of his long term employee’s time and effort to assist with training Amy up. Despite this, his fears went unrealised and Amy was quick to pick up new skills and could complete tasks with little assistance after just a few short weeks. He urges other employers to give young people a chance as they can become valuable members of the business.