Thinking of Hiring an Apprentice?

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Strengthen your workforce

Apprenticeships are fast becoming a popular way to employ and a key tool for strengthening the workforce. If you are thinking of hiring an apprentice, there are a few regulations put forward in the government policy that you should take note of. These include a minimum of sixteen working hours per week, earning the wage of £95 at the very least. If the apprentice falls between the ages of 16-18, the National Apprenticeship Service will cover 100% of their training in your company. If the applicant is 19-24 the NAS can provide 50% of the funds.

One significant benefit of hiring apprentices is the much lower recruitment costs, as training staff on the job is more economical than hiring. It also gives the employer a chance to train their apprentices in the exact skills you expect from them.

The new NAS business plan for 2012/13 is designed to make it easier for you as an employer to hire apprentices. A spokesperson for BIS states, “employers can call the NAS up and have their hands held and be taken through the whole process by a dedicated group of people.” Below are a few of the key points the NAS are keen to address:

  • To provide more information about apprenticeships, allowing potential employers to have a deeper overall understanding of the process.
  • To give support to small and medium businesses (SME’s) with regard to the hiring of young people between the ages of 16-24.
  • To simplify the process and make it more time efficient.
  • To make the funding process easier and more accessible to everyone.