Management and Professional Apprenticeships on the Rise


White-collar apprenticeships are gaining popularity

New figures released regarding the apprenticeship starts of 2011/12 show that more traditional schemes in manual labour have decreased. Despite this, positions in professional services and management apprenticeships have increased significantly. Positions in management have this year reached the impressive figure of 43,330; a considerable rise from just 880 in 2003/4.

Matthew Street of the CFA comments on the overall benefits of this rise, “Management and leadership skills have a huge impact on the development, productivity and performance of organisations of all sizes, in all sectors.”

With regards to professional services, the insurance company Aviva is looking to start hiring apprentices across the UK, to take on the roles of underwriting and actuary. The applicants will obtain a salary of around £14,500. Another professional service discovering the benefits of hiring apprentices is Prudential Insurance, who will offer a 12-18 month initial period of employment to young people in London, Reading and Scotland.