Rise in Tuition Fees cause Young People to Favour Apprenticeships


Tuition Fees

Young people avoiding debt by becoming apprentices

Tuition fees have risen significantly this year, with many universities charging up to three times as much for certain courses. This has forced young people to consider other options when it comes to furthering their career opportunities. In a survey of 1009 A-level students, two thirds said that they would consider an apprenticeship as an alternative to a university education.

This startling figure comes as no surprise, as apprenticeships provide the chance to gain job specific skills which can then be put to practical use in the workplace. Many young people think of university as a rite of passage, and so might choose a random course and attend university just for the experience. Steve Edwards, of the advice website bestCourse4me, commented on the rise in fees, “While we know it may deter some from higher education our message to students is be savvy about your choices.” This drastic change in government policy is bound to make young people question entering higher education due to the considerable level of debt accumulated.